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American Mahjongg Set

The basic American Mahjongg set has 136 pieces, which contains 36 distinct kinds of pieces (4 of each kind).


An American Mahjongg set contains three suits. Each suit is composed of nine tiles which are numbered from one to nine.

  • Bamboos
  • Characters
  • Dots

Winds and Dragons

Each American Mahjongg set also contains four directional tiles (Winds or Feng), labeled as:

  • East
  • South
  • West
  • North

An American Mahjongg set also contains three Cardinal tiles - Dragons or Special Honor Pieces):

  • Red Dragon (matches with Character suit)
  • Green Dragon (matches with Bamboos suit)
  • White Dragon (matches with Dots suit)

There are 4 pieces of each Dragon.

Note that The White Dragon can also be used as a zero of any suit.


There are eight Flowers tiles, every series marked 1, 2, 3, and 4 - two of each kind.


There are eight Joker tiles, which can be used to replace any tiles in putting together a hand.

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